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Before you put your mortgage application in, there are several factors to consider and a lot to think about. Read these pages to get started.

Credit Scores and MortgagesCredit Scores and Mortgages

By gaining clearer insight into your credit score - and then taking the right approach to strengthen it – you can take an important step towards securing the property you want.

This is because a good credit score can indicate to lenders that you are creditworthy.

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Understanding Mortgage TypesUnderstanding Mortgage Types

Today’s marketplace offers homebuyers a range of mortgage types to suit various levels of financial affordability.

While some can offer low or varying APRs, others can be less difficult to switch between.

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Understanding APRsUnderstanding APRs

The term 'APR' stands for Annual Percentage Rate and is used to represent the price of borrowing money - i.e. how much it can cost you to borrow a sum of money - through a percentage value, such as 0%, or 8.5% or 13% APR, etc.

A low APR indicates that you pay less interest fees and vice versa.

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Getting Your Mortgage Application Right!Getting Your Mortgage Application Right!

There are several factors that mortgage providers take into account while considering applications from potential homebuyers.

Do you know what these are and can you tick all the boxes?

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What's Your Credit Score?

If you would like to know what your credit score is and the very best ways on how to improve your score, simply click the button below now to get started.

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