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If you don't have the funds to cover the costs of an emergency or necessary expense, taking out a loan might cross your mind. Read through these pages to know more about how loans work, what they should be for and how to pick the right one for your budget.

Understanding Loans Understanding Loans

Before you even take out a loan, we think it's important that you understand why you need it, is it the right type of loan and will you be able to repay it, including any additional charges.

There are various types of loans available in today's commercially complex marketplace - which one is right for you?

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A Guide on Comparing LoansA Guide on Comparing Loans

Sifting through the many types of loans that are brandished by comparison websites and the like can be tedious.

So, we have produced this simple guide to help you compare and contrast between various loans deals.

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Taking Out LoansTaking Out Loans

On the face of it, taking out a loan is a form of borrowing - only it comes with a cost that can be more than we imagine.

However, whether taking a loan and being in debt is a good or bad thing, depends on the context.

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Dealing with Refused LoansDealing with Refused Loans

When you put a loan application in and then get refused, it can cloud over your judgement and be a cause for despair.

To avoid this from happening to you again, we have put together these pointers to help you make successful loan applications.

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