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MyCreditMonitor's Infographics

Welcome to the MyCreditMonitor Infographics Page! We have put together some useful facts and stats in creative and colourful ways in a bid to wipe away the boredom that dealing with numbers can come with!

What Exactly Is A Credit Score?What Exactly Is A Credit Score?

From applying for a mortgage to achieving a lower interest rate, your credit score is vital indicator for lenders to decide how creditworthy you are.

This infographic tells you all you need to know about what a credit score is…

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The Top 6 Credit Score Myths!The Top 6 Credit Score Myths!

We understand that the world of credit, credit scores, credit reports and credit ratings can be confusing,

So, to make things easier, we have put together this infographic that dispels what we think are the top 6 credit score myths!

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What Is A Credit Report?What Is A Credit Report?

Discover what a credit report is, where the credit data comes from to make it and why it is a very important financial document for you to have.

All this is revealed in our creative and colourful infographic.

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What Is A Credit Score?What's Your Credit Score?

We asked 1000 people if they knew what their credit score was. Can you guess how many of them knew theirs?

Have a think then click on the link below to view the infographic and see how close your guess was or if you got it right?

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What's Your Credit Score?

If you would like to know what your credit score is and the very best ways on how to improve your score, simply click the button below now to get started.

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