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Why choose MyCreditMonitor


MyCreditMonitor is an online provider of personal credit information which allows users to audit their personal credit file and keep an eye on any changes taking place with constant online access.

MyCreditMonitor are able to offer a full credit report and monitoring service to users through a special arrangement with CallCredit, one of the world's leading credit reference agencies.

As a Credit reference Agency, CallCredit collect many items of personal information not just payment and account details but also address, electoral roll information and legal notifications against your name.

MyCreditMonitor presents this information in a precise and user friendly package. With constant online access, customers will always know where they stand when it comes to their credit status.

We currently offer a diverse range of products and services to hundreds of millions of customers worldwide and have over 40 years of experience in enhancing the value of customer relationships.

About MyCreditMonitor

40+ years of experience

Under the terms of the free 30 day trial period, users are able to gain access to their free personal credit report, credit score and credit rating.

Users can log in at any time and from anywhere to view their personal credit report while the MyCreditMonitor website is a great source of information for individuals new to the world of credit and keen to improve their understanding.

In a market often cluttered by complex financial services terminology, MyCreditMonitor points you in the direction of the truly important things you need to know when it comes to evaluating your personal credit status and does this in a clear and concise manner.

We have answers to the majority of common questions our customers ask us in our FAQ section, while you can delve even deeper into the world of credit and how you can make it work for you in our regularly updated blogs section.

About the MyCreditMonitor product

Free 30 day trial* Unlimited Access

MyCreditMonitor is available on a free 30 day trial. If customers cancel before the 30 days expires, they will not be charged a penny. Thereafter the cost for a full suite of credit information is just £14.99 per month, an extremely competitive rate and a third less than other UK based consumer credit reporting services.

MyCreditMonitor offers continuous online access to your credit report, credit score and credit rating with an option to request paper copies as well.

Subscribers will also receive a credit statement twice a year with an overview of monthly credit scores along with ways it can be improved.

As well as being able to look at both the score and rating themselves, MyCreditMonitor also helps users piece it all together and get a grip of what it all means.

Users can also keep track of changes to their credit profile which is useful for both keeping an eye on credit score and credit ratings but also helps protect against any fraudulent activity taking place on your file. There is also an opportunity to ensure that any errors are corrected in a timely fashion with help from MyCreditMonitor's specialist agents.

How MyCreditMonitor can help improve your credit score

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A credit score is calculated by aggregating items of information that are on your credit file. This score represents your personal debt, legal and UK residency status over the past few years and is used by lenders to estimate the level of risk involved in offering you credit related financial products.

MyCreditMonitor can help to improve your credit score in a number of ways. Firstly a MyCreditMonitor credit report allows you to view the individual items that have been used to calculate your credit score. This can help develop your understanding of the information lenders use to calculate credit scores and having a grasp of this information, is useful in helping modify financial behaviours for the purposes of having the highest possible score in the future.

Sometimes people also have a lower score as a result of errors on the files held by credit reference agencies or even through fraudulent activity being carried out in your name.

Having constant online access to your credit report assists you in monitoring such activity to ensure against factors that will lower your score and make it harder to access credit.

How to improve your credit score

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There are a number of good financial behaviours which are helpful when it comes to making sure your credit score is as high as possible, including:

  • Regularly check your credit report to ensure all the details on it are correct.
  • Avoid making late payments on credit accounts as any missed payments, even for a small amount, will lower your credit score. If possible always pay your monthly amount by direct debit to avoid the possibility of forgetting to make a payment.
  • If you experience difficulty making payments, renegotiate with your credit provider to see if you can either get a payment holiday or a revised payment schedule.
  • Do not keep old, unused credit accounts open for no reason as too many open accounts will lower your score.
  • Ensure that the address information in your file are up to date and that you are on the Electoral Roll.
  • If in the past you were financially linked to anyone else such as a business partner or spouse and that financial relationship has ended make sure that you are officially disassociated from that person.

What are the benefits of a good credit score?

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The benefits of a good credit score are plain and simple – financial freedom. Having a good credit profile can help buy that dream house, get that car you've always wanted and also help spread the cost of large purchases like family holidays.

On the flipside, not having access to credit facilities leads to financial constraint. It limits horizons to the funds available in a current or savings account and makes the funding of large purchasers either impossible or highly problematic and subject to disproportionate interest charges.

Even though many people like to manage their finances according to what they are able to generate on a weekly or monthly basis, it is hard to know when the need for credit facilities might arise in the future and for that reason, it is never a bad thing to possess a high credit score as you can never be sure when it might be needed.

Managing credit

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Your credit profile consists of information held on your credit file. It is then aggregated to calculate your credit score. A credit score is something that is always considered by lenders when an application for credit is made.

This will include information on banks, credit cards, store cards, mobile phone contracts and hire purchases. As well as determining a positive or negative outcome for the applicant, credit scores also have an impact on the rate of interest that will be applied.

Credit Management refers to how you manage your borrowing and reviewing your credit reports on a regular basis will not only provide you with experience and insights on these matters to help modify any detrimental behaviours but will also provide you with the opportunity to check for and amend any information inaccuracies.

Managing your credit profile will ensure you are maximising your borrowing potential and being seen in the best possible light by lenders to further assist confident financial planning in years to come.

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* After your 30 day free trial, a monthly membership fee of £14.99 (including VAT) applies. You can contact us to cancel within your free trial and no fees will be payable. If you cancel after your free trial, no further monthly fees will be payable from the date of cancellation. However, no monthly fees already paid will be refundable. Membership benefits are subject to successful credit reference agency validation.

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