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Debt Management

If you have multiple debts and are finding it difficult to management your debts, then you needn't fret, as help is at hand. Read through these pages to find out more.

A Guide to Effective Debt ManagementA Guide to Effective Debt Management

A typical debt management plan is drawn up after prioritising your debts, i.e. to work out which of your debts are more important to pay off and which are less important.

There are debt charities, advisors and counsellors who can help.

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Good Credit ManagementGood Credit Management

Once you do get the credit that you need, the next factor to take into consideration is on how to manage the credit so that you do not go overboard and end up with debt levels that become too much for you to handle.

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Understanding Average Household DebtUnderstanding Average Household Debt

In order to stave off the risk of our economy slipping into recession again, we need to take a more balanced, moderate approach towards spending on what we need between spending on what we want, on a household basis.

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How to Stop Overspending!How to Stop Overspending!

The fine line between spending and overspending is very easy to cross, which can lead to consequences as mild as being slightly out of budget to acquiring debts that spiral out of control.

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What's Your Credit Score?

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