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Credit plays an important role in modern society. Look into the history of credit, how it is used today and find out how you could improve your credit score.

What is A Credit Rating?What is A Credit Rating?

If you're the sort of person who loves rating products, books, films and experiences on review websites (and if you're not, it doesn't matter), then you may be interested to hear that there is a ratings system out there that tells us how we, as individuals, fare when it comes to the likelihood of paying back money that we borrow.

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Credit Files: A GuideCredit Files: A Guide

Your credit file is where data of all your financial behaviour, that relates to credit and borrowing.

In other words, your credit file contains data on how much money you have borrowed and repaid back, is stored.

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Understanding Credit AgreementsUnderstanding Credit Agreements

If you have ever made purchases using store credit cards, or even taken up a mobile phone contract, then you have entered into a credit agreement.

Payments are usually made in weekly or monthly instalments.

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What Exactly is Credit?What Exactly is Credit?

The word 'credit' has more than one meaning.

It could mean where recognition is due (e.g. 'Credit should be given to…').It could refer to a voucher of some kind that is purchased to gain access to a service (e.g. 'pay as you go' phone credits).

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What are Credit Accounts?What are Credit Accounts?

When you purchase something from a business or a retailer that allows you to pay the total cost of the item on a weekly or monthly basis over a defined period of time, you then have what is known as a credit account with that business or retailer.

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A Guide to Using Credit CardsA Guide to Using Credit Cards

A credit card allows you to make purchases where the card issuer pays for the purchases on your behalf (up to a certain agreed limit of money) and you pay them back on an agreed date of each month.

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What's Your Credit Score?

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