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A Basic Guide to Credit Score

What is a credit score? Why do I need a credit report? If you've started to ask yourself questions like these, the overall topic of credit score probably still seems a bit daunting. That's why it's important to start with the basics. By learning the basics of credit score, you'll gain a platform of knowledge that you can use to your advantage for years to come. And you might just be surprised at the range of financial benefits that getting to grips with credit score can bring.

Find out who sets your credit score, how it's calculated and the full range of scores that can be given to you. Also, learn why growing a strong credit score can only be good news for your long term financial health and how lenders reward high credit scores with lower interest rates and more favourable deals.

Use MyCreditMonitor's expert knowledge to teach yourself the essential facts around credit score and enhance your understanding of the topic. Our basic guide to credit score is split out into three parts:

1. What is a credit score?

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Did you know tha the credit agencies that set your credit score only ever look at five factors? Discover what these five factors are and which ones are the most important. Also, learn the range of credit scores that are considered strong or poor. Finally, get some basic tips on what you can do to protect and grow your credit score and what you should avoid doing to bring your score down.

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2. Why do I need a credit report?

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Were you aware that your credit score can affect your mobile phone deal? Find out the full extent to which credit score can affect you finances - including loans, credit cards and lots more. Also, discover why it's so important to know your credit score and get expert advice around how to plan once you view your first credit report.

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3. How to improve my credit score

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Arm yourself with high-impact advice on the techniques you should use to help improve your credit score. Learn what areas you should prioritise and the best steps to take so that the credit agencies boost your score. Also, discover how viewing and monitoring your credit report can be a vital tool in growing your rating to a level that will bring you wide-ranging financial benefits.

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What's Your Credit Score?

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