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About Us

About MyCreditMonitor

MyCreditMonitor helps UK consumers who want to view, improve and monitor their credit rating.

A credit rating is one of the key areas that lenders focus on when considering a credit application; and importantly what interest rate to apply.

It is therefore essential to ensure that a credit report is as accurate and up-to-date, especially when applying for credit.

By signing up to MyCreditMonitor you can:

Instantly access your full credit report

Once you have been accepted and authenticated you can log-in any time and access your full credit report which is provided by CallCredit, one of the UK's leading credit reference agency's.

Improve your credit rating

A credit rating can be improved where there are inaccuracies, and by understanding your credit report you can identify areas that can be improved.

Monitor your credit rating

As a credit report changes so does a credit score, which is why it's so important to monitor your credit rating.

Protect yourself from ID theft

Help prevent identity theft by making sure all the credit searches in your name are done by you.

About MyCreditMonitor

We have a diverse range of proven products and services to hundreds of million people world wide. With over 40 years experience we focus on helping improve the value of customer relationships both directly and through thousands of global clients.

What's Your Credit Score?

If you would like to know what your credit score is and the very best ways on how to improve your score, simply click the button below now to get started.

Get your FREE credit report*

* After your 30 day free trial, a monthly membership fee of £14.99 applies. You can contact us to cancel within your free trial and no fees will be payable. If you cancel after your free trial, no further monthly fees will be payable from the date of cancellation. However, no monthly fees already paid will be refundable. Full membership benefits are subject to credit reference agency validation of your identity.

Get your FREE credit report now*